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Breaking The Codes - The Rise Of Enigma - Using rare archive footage and exclusive interviews, this series takes you to the heart of a war that was fought out far from the bombs and shells of any battlefront. A war that involved the brilliant skills of mathematicians and chess players. The war of the codebreakers. Twice in 50 years the ability to crack the enemy's most secret codes, and so learn the battle plans of enemy commanders in the field, proved to be the vital factor in achieving victory. Revealed here are the remarkable exploits of American and British codebreakers and their immense contribution to victory in Europe and the Pacific during WWII. 70 minutes.

The complete series is presented here in two parts.

Breaking The Codes - Triumph Of The Codebreakers - 70 minutes.


Memphis Belle - The Untold Story - Part 1 - Between 1942 and 1945 the US built up from scratch the largest overseas air force in its history based on over 120 airfields in Britain. The 8th US Army Air Force, The 'Mighty 8th' as it became known. Its declared objective was to dismantle the German military and industrial machine and to do so by daylight bombing. Over 55,000 young Americans lost their lives in the process. This is their story. William Wyler's classic colour film Memphis Belle remains the most memorable true story of WWII. Now producer William Woollard reveals the whole story including previously unseen and remarkable archive footage of an air force that eventually grew to more than 3500 bombers and fighters. 52 minutes.

Memphis Belle - The Untold Story - Part 2 - 52 minutes.