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Birds Of The Bosque

Tek Sing - China’s Titanic - The South China Sea is a fabulous hunting ground for treasure hunters. In the 18th and 19th centuries a stream of trading ships from Holland and England, and huge ocean going junks from China, criss crossed these seas, carrying countless treasures from the Orient. This unique programme tells the remarkable story of the search for the Tek Sing, a Chinese junk which sank in 1822 on the Belvidere Reef in the South China Sea with the loss of nearly 2000 lives and its valuable cargo. 50 minutes.

Deep Diving With The Russians - What lies at the bottom of the oceans? This unique documentary follows a group of scientists from Cambridge in the UK and from Russia on a voyage to explore the mysteries of the seabed over 3000 metres beneath the mid Atlantic. Using a state-of-the-art submarine they dive to observe the remarkable hydrothermal vents on the sea floor. These volcanic hot springs known as 'black smokers' may be able to reveal more about the workings of the earth, the chemistry of the oceans and even the origins of life itself. They are a fantastic new challenge to science emitting matter at several hundred degrees centigrade, giving rise to wholly unexpected forms of marine life that have evolved beyond the reach of light and heat from the Sun.This programme reveals both the challenge of deep sea research and the cultural and scientific exchange between Western and Russian scientists. 52 minutes.