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Your Flight In Their Hands

You'll be in New York or Chicago or Atlanta in a few hours, or will you? We take flight safety entirely for granted, should we be so casual? Every plane that lifts off has to negotiate a dozen hazards to arrive at its destination safely.

Ghost Hunters UK

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Your Flight In Their Hands
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Birds Of The Bosque

Exceptional and beautifully filmed program about the winter home for migratory birds flying south to New Mexico. New Mexico was once home to the Apache Indians in Southwest America, and the word ‘Bosque’ means ‘woods of the apache’ in the Apache native tongue.

The Fighting Lady

This is a must-see movie!  Produced in 1944, this award winning film documents life aboard an anonymous aircraft carrier operating in the Pacific during WWII. Because of wartime security restrictions the name of the ship was only later revealed to be the USS Yorktown.

Tek Sing - China’s Titanic

The South China Sea is a fabulous hunting ground for treasure hunters. This unique programme tells the remarkable story of the search for the Tek Sing, a Chinese junk which sank in 1822 on the Belvidere Reef with the loss of nearly 2000 lives and its valuable cargo.


A butterfly flutters its wings in Texas and the seemingly imperceptible turbulence sets in motion a cascade of effects that culminates in a typhoon in Indonesia. It seems unreal. But the realisation of the butterfly effect as it has been called, is one of the astonishing results of the new science of Chaos.

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Our producer’s global reputation has been built on their ability to take difficult areas of science and technology, and turn them into highly entertaining and immensely accessible programs. Their range is wide across the field, from the mysteries of Chaos theory and the engineering challenge of building bridges a mile long, to the fascinating stories behind the design of the Spitfire, and the great WW II epic story of the Dambusters Raid.

Together with partner film and TV archives we are working to release new documentaries, archive films and movies on DVD and instant Video. Full documentaries and previews will be on this site.

Many of these timeless award-winning documentary programmes are available to purchase on DVD and as Instant Video Downloads from